Upholstery Cleaning

Modern life has a tendency to be messy, with furniture and upholstery stains a constant risk. If you are struggling with problematic stains that standard cleaning methods simply cannot seem to remove, Roberto Carpet Clean can help. We provide a trustworthy, reliable service for furniture and upholstery cleaning Las Vegas residents can rely on, with our expertise helping to guarantee great results every time.

Our furniture and upholstery cleaning service

Our service is designed to achieve two key goals: first and foremost, we will work to thoroughly clean any piece we work on, restoring color, and ensuring you can continue to use that piece for many years to come. Our second goal is preservation: we will restore your furniture and upholstery to the best possible condition using the cleaning techniques that ensure each piece is protected throughout the process.

To achieve these goals, we will first inspect each piece and determine how to achieve the best possible results. We will then thoroughly clean the piece, taking our time to ensure every molecule of dirt is removed. We can also deodorize your furniture and apply a stain-resistant coating; whatever you need, we can deliver - and you’ll be able to enjoy your reinvigorated piece in no time at all.

Why choose Roberto Carpet Clean for your furniture and upholstery cleaning?

  • Suitable for all fabrics and surfaces. Whether you have simple cotton upholstery or more challenging velvet, Roberto Carpet Clean can help. We have worked on almost every conceivable type of upholstery in the past, so we’re confident there’s no fabric too complex or too delicate for us to clean effectively.
  • Specialist leather care and cleaning. Leather is a particularly challenging surface, and one that must be cleaned with care and expertise. By turning to Roberto Carpet Clean, you can be sure that your leather item is in good hands: we use specially-designed products that can ensure the leather is protected at all times, and can also condition the leather and help to replenish natural oils.
  • Highly experienced. We have worked on hundreds of different furniture and upholstery stains in the past, so we know what it takes to achieve results while protecting the integrity of each piece we work on at all times.
  • Customer satisfaction prioritized. One of the reasons we have built a strong reputation as the best company for furniture and upholstery cleaning in Las Vegas is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We aim to meet, and then exceed, your expectations, delivering results that are truly capable of returning any piece of furniture to its former glory.
  • Outstanding reputation. We are proud to say that our cleaning services have received countless positive reviews, which has helped to build our reputation as the best provider of tile and grout cleaning Las Vegas can provide.
  • Convenient appointment times. We understand the importance of convenience to our customers, which is why we can offer appointments seven days a week if required.

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We at Roberto Carpet Clean pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best service for furniture and upholstery cleaning Las Vegas can offer, and we would be delighted to welcome you to our long list of satisfied customers. To find out more about our cleaning options, or to arrange an appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to assisting with all your furniture and upholstery cleaning needs in the future.